"Remarkable Stories is simply wonderful. Great historical perspectives; great photographs; and top-quality production. The book should be sitting prominently in every clubhouse in New Jersey!"

-Mike Davis, former CEO, USGA

A Spotlight on the Unmatched Richness of Garden State Golf

  • A 244-page collection of beautifully presented anecdotes, facts and figures with 250 photographs that reveal the state’s rich golf history
  • Covers champions, events, architects and courses from 1890 up to today
  • An engaging review of New Jersey’s indelible influence on American golf


displays the colorful, 130-year history of New Jersey golf through the state’s most fascinating golf-related vignettes. Each is bite-sized, focused and full of interesting information. While arranged into four eras from the early 1890s through today, the book’s modular approach allows readers to enjoy this beautiful collection in quick takes or to attack it all in a few sittings.

PRICE: $95.00 • FORMAT: 11" x 15" Hardcover coffee-table book featuring over 250 photographs
ISBN 978-0-578-95763-0 • PAGE COUNT: 244, plus dust jacket


The Start of Something Grand
1890 - 1925

New Jersey was at ground zero when golf invaded America. The state supplied an inordinate share of the nation’s most accomplished players; hosted several of America’s most important events, both professional and amateur; witnessed the creation of some of the game’s most timeless courses and clubs; and even saw a favorite son create arguably golf’s most discussed amenity—its handicap system.

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The Greatest Generation
1925 - 1955

The Greatest Generation earned its name. When not winning world wars and dealing with the Great Depression, a few New Jerseyans took a break to earn the title “Player of the Century;” fend off the biggest names in the game in the State Open; introduce the world to the future of big-time golf; defy all odds to create a cultural icon; and carry on what is now 130 years of tradition.

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The Wonder Years
1955 - 1990

In these Palmer / Nicklaus / TV-fueled years of golf’s expansion, the nation twice witnessed Jack’s greatness with his two Baltusrol-hosted U.S. Open triumphs. Montclair Township become center of the golf architecture universe as home base to two of the most important golf course architects of all time. Team matches became an engine of growth for both players and their associations. Finally, New Jersey shook hands with the USGA, becoming all-in partners.

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The Modern Game
Since 1990

New Jersey’s timeless classic courses were nudged down the annual course rankings by a dozen spectacular tracks built in the 2000s —a golf architecture renaissance that has changed Garden State golf forever. The list of movers and shakers in modern New Jersey golf is eclectic, with scientists, journalists and humanitarians joining the state’s finest players. More people are competing in interclub matches today than ever. Finally, a focus on a club that embodies so much of what New Jersey golf represents to the rest of America.

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