Remarkable Stories is simply wonderful. Great historical perspectives; great photographs; and top-quality production. The book should be sitting prominently in EVERY clubhouse in New Jersey!

-Mike Davis, former CEO, USGA

Kevin Casey’s collection of historical vignettes shows how New Jersey has been a trailblazer in American golf in so many ways, from the early professional game to the formation of clubs by and for women and African-American golfers. Remarkable Stories should fill those who love the Garden State game with considerable pride.

-Thomas Dunne, editor, New Jersey Golf

If you’re a golf junkie and you happen to be interested in the rich history of the game in New Jersey, then you should tee up Kevin Casey’s Remarkable Stories of New Jersey Golf immediately. The book offers a comprehensive look at the history of the game in the Garden State with stories and tidbits that even Jersey natives might not have been aware of.

-Mark Cannizzaro, sports columnist, New York Post

Remarkable Stories of New Jersey Golf is a great read, whether you are a casual golfer or a serious player on a journey with the game. From the beginning of the book the reader gets the names of the courses and their designers along with the players and the tournaments that make up New Jersey’s exceptionally rich golf history. You’ll enjoy your ride!

-Russ Helwig, Pro Emeritus, Essex Fells Country Club

As a lifelong New Jersey golfer, I knew our state had an interesting golf history, but the stories came to me inconsistently, over time and from many sources. Remarkable Stories of New Jersey Golf pulls together into one gorgeous volume the most compelling people, iconic courses, and fascinating events in our state’s rich golf history. Makes me proud to be a New Jersey golfer!

-Bill Frese, former president, New Jersey State Golf Association

Kevin Casey’s Remarkable Stories of New Jersey Golf takes the reader on a wonderful journey visiting the people, courses, and organizations that have made golf in the Garden State so special. From major championships and Hall of Fame players to volunteer leaders and behind-the-scenes historical vignettes, Kevin captures the essence of how golf in New Jersey has earned 'a special place' in the chronicles of American golf.

-Jay Mottola, former executive director, Metropolitan Golf Association

My friend Kevin has taken on the immense challenge of writing about the rich and diverse history of golf in our state. I believe he has done an amazing job of shining the light on so many interesting people, historic places, and special events. Even longtime followers and competitors will say ‘Really? I didn’t know that!’ New Jersey is blessed to be at the epicenter of the game of golf in America. Our role in its birth, growth, and improvement is immeasurable, and I give cheers and thanks to our author for all the hard work he has done on our behalf! Many thanks.

-Allan Small, champion golfer, New Jersey

I wanted to let you know that the book was a huge success! I can't even tell you how much my boyfriend loved everything about it. In fact, we were almost late for Christmas dinner because he wanted to check it out and got caught up in the beautiful photos and stories. I think he's mentioned something about it every day since, such as I golfed there; I need to golf here; I know this guy, etc. It is a very high-quality publication and already has prime space on the coffee table, I'm told it will move to the bar for display in the summertime.

-Jodi B, Hardwick, New Jersey